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Track Your Shipment

Track Shippment  

About Us

Golden Pacific International is International & National Logistics / Courier service company and is committed to provide best services to its valued clients.

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals are committed to set high standard of service levels in Courier & Cargo services in International, Domestic and local logistics. We make every effort to ensure safety, security, reliability and time definite pick up and delivery of your light and heavy weight packages and documents to more than 220 countries on the globe.

Client Relationship

We believe our clients to be our immense asset. GPI assures that they  will get the best possible services. Our priority is to establish strong customer relationship, high service standards, customized solutions and competitive prices suiting for individuals budget or corporate accounts.

We offer different customized services to match our client’s business requirements. As a result within a short span of time the company has established good relationships with National and Multinational companies.


  • International Documents & Parcel Express
  • Domestic Documents & Parcel Express
  • Local Documents & Parcel Express
  • Cargo & E-form Shipment
  • Sentiments Express
  • Door to Airport / Airport to Door
  • Airport to Door / Airport to Airport


  • Customer Care services
  • Immediate Pick - up of your shipments
  • Immediate Confirmation Of Delivery
  • Online Tracking
  • Transit Time with Safety & Security
  • Highly Skilled & Dedicated Staff

Client Sector

  • Multinational Companies
  • Publishing House
  • Builders & Developers
  • Exporters (Textile, Leather, Pharmaceuticals, General etc)
  • Consultants
  • Individuals ( Students, Household, etc)

The Team   

Backed by the most modern and state-of-the-art technology, and our experienced staff, we are handling dozens of satisfied clients in the fields of Domestic and International courier services.

Our experienced and efficient staff has through knowledge in shipping activities to prepare error free documentation to provide best possible services to our clients. The services we guarantee, have certainly got to be felt and experienced rather than expressed.



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Shipping Partners :   FedEx   DHL   UPS   Sky Net   First Flight   City Link   Leopard Courier   TCS   SpeedEx